Harlequins Put Up Brilliant Fight

Harlequins put up a formidable defense every time they are on the field. However, the game that they played two days back saw them finding an opponent worthy of their class as well. The Harlequins had a fantastic game against Maori All Blacks that ended in the latter winning the game.

It is often said that a formidable opponent brings out the best in an opposing team. That was exactly how it worked for the team members of Maori All Blacks. James Lowe set up the tempo for the game as he put in two tries within short intervals of time. He put in speed as well as tried a pass to slice through the defense of Harlequins.

It might not have been a dream game for Harlequins but often, a defeat in a competitive match brings out the best in a team and defiantly spruced them up for games ahead. There was also a chance given to the other team as many of the premier players of Harlequins were not present on the field that day, with many of them out on international duty (click here to see the latest ticket availability for the Autumn international atches). Again, the damp conditions in the field definitely made it grueling for both teams. Harlequins were able to score in the second half.

However, both teams put in more physical effort to fight in the game which definitely put up a great show for the audience. Harlequins however, do not need to feel too forlorn as they faced a recent victory when they won over Worcester in the last game. This game was played brilliantly by them and it surely was not an easy win to secure. The team also has much to learn from the All Blacks team who faced a lot of alien factors like a formidable weather condition as well as new grounds to be able to harness a win.

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