hawaii harlequins rugby 4-4-09

Harlequins Rugby Video Rating: five / five

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15 Responses to “hawaii harlequins rugby 4-4-09”

  1. emanresu808 says:

    sup bro.. yeah most people born and raised in hawaii don’t have a clue about rugby.. they were brought up watching/playing gridiron..

    When ever you come down just ask your family to take you to Kapiolani Park.. it’s by the zoo. Rugby season starts in late January and you can catch games every saturday.. There might be a tournament in december.. i’m not sure.

  2. jinzgk3 says:

    @emanresu808 Mean azz brada! Im jus so glad you got rugby ova there aye! Look 2 cum ova to ma bro wedding. Last time I wz dea dey kept taking me to football! Da peeps I stayd wid didn’t kno wat rugby was! Hahaha! Will be flyng ova frm NZ in few months. Chekk Buzz bro!

  3. emanresu808 says:

    Most teams in hawaii like to bash with their forwards. These are the only two teams that utilise their backs more often. So they both like to score through their backs.

    The blue team is made up of guys in the military or college. Although they have a few regulars, the team is almost always different every year. They have great fundamentals but the lack of chemistry looks like their downfall.

    You know what i wish they showed? The big no8(blue team) got leveled by one of the black team’s props!!

  4. jinzgk3 says:

    @emanresu808 I got you now brada! Sweet azz kuzzy! Where do the opp teams mostly score? Is it through the your backs or fowards?

  5. emanresu808 says:

    I think you misread my comment about the 80mins. What i was saying is.. this is highlight made by the blue team. Which means they’ll(blue team) only include what THEYdid right.. which only added up to 9 minutes!!! The black team dominated for the other 70 minutes of the game.. Get my drift?

    From what i seen with the black team, they have a lot of speed in their backs already. Their backs are more finess than brute strentgh. Their loosies seem fast too

  6. jinzgk3 says:

    Rugby is my Life! Dis is our religion Bro! We start em young, der is no beta game den running it up da gutts and smashing da guy cumin to takle u! Bro I rekon if da blak team put their fastest foward on the wing, He would smash da other teams winger over every time! 80Mins aint really dat long specially when ur have a mean azz game! One other way that da black team can go is pod!

  7. emanresu808 says:

    DROP NUTS??? hahaha yeah the black team won 43-7!!! If you knew anything about rugby you would know that it is 80mins long not 8:52mins!! So for the other 70+mins the blue team was getting their butts handed to them.. LOL!!!

  8. jinzgk3 says:

    Dayum! Ddnt know dat rugby existed in Hawaii! Bro dats a mean az game da blue team pritty tight wid dea fowards! Blak team need ta run up da gutts hard! DON’T BE DROP NUTS!!!

  9. hUNNYbUNN66 says:

    i WAtChED THiS GAME,hEhEhE

  10. maoribond1 says:

    Good to see the team still going strong played there a couple of years ago while on vacation is Ben still playing for yas?

  11. emanresu808 says:

    Thanks for posting.. great try harlequins. do have the video of your number 8 being put on his back in this game??

  12. kayl42 says:

    Quins you guys are looking good, That big guy is a machine, keep up the good work

  13. Polytri2012 says:

    Go Islanders!

  14. tefakanava says:

    nice filming Hootie!

  15. westmitc says:

    great team work lads, I like all the good hits as well